9 Kitchen Tips

1. Meat compartment. It is also necessary to wash it at least once a month and whenever juices fall from some meat.

2. Blender. After using your blender, disassemble the bottom part completely. Wash and dry the parts separately.

3. Can opener. Although it may look dirty, it is important to wash your can opener after each use with warm water and soap.

4. Vegetable drawer in your refrigerator. Empty and wash with warm water and soap at least once a month.

5. Water pipe in your refrigerator. If your refrigerator has water outlet, it must be cleaned at least twice a week and the ducts once a year.

6. Cooler from your refrigerator. Turn off the refrigerator and allow the remaining ice to melt. Wash the compartment with warm water and soap once a month.

7. Knife block. If you have your knives stored in a block of wood, use a small brush to clean the cracks with warm water and soap, once a month.

8. Spatula. Wash after each use. If the spatula is of two pieces and washes each one separately.

9. Clean your faucet. If you have a stainless steel kitchen faucet like the ones hereĀ www.bestkitchenfaucets.net then you will need to clean it with a special cleaner that is made for stainless steel.