How To Make Your Own Dog Treats

Dog treats are a fun way to establish positive reinforcement between you and your dog. Although you do not have to give a treat every time your dog does something positive,giving dog treats is more than an expression of love. it can be a critical component in dog training and rewarding good dog behavior.

Never give treats to an excited, over-stimulated dog but rather,Use treats to reinforce calm, submissive behaviors. It is ideal to give treats in between meals so that the dog does not fill up on treats.

There are different types of store bought dog treats but some people prefer to make their own doggy treats.

The advantages of making your own healthy homemade dog treats is that you can make the exact treats your dog likes, you are in control of the ingredients and quantity of ingredients in your homemade dog treats and you can make treats according to your dogs specific nutritional needs. When choosing a dog treat, make sure to pick something healthy with the flavor your dog loves. Use quality ingredients because just like humans, dogs require proper nutrition to live long and healthy lives. Start With Simple dog Treat Recipes using simple ingredient that are simple and easy for any level cook. From a few simple peanut butter treats to some grain free options there’s something for every dog.





It is advisable to avoid feeding chocolate, salt, fish bones, grapes and raisins to your dog. A healthy dog treat can be a combination of any of the following food ingredients depending on your dog’s preference.

  1. Chicken
  2. oats
  3. Rice
  4. potatoes
  5. Apples
  6. Beef
  7. Peanut Butter.
  8. Cabbage

You must remember that dog treats are not meant to replace a dogs meal so caution must be taken concerning the quantity of dog treats you give to your dog.